The History of Rammy’s Sub Contractors

Mike Hrametz, or Rammy as he’s been known since his school days, dreamed for years of opening his own sandwich shop. He knew all along that his would be no ordinary shop — and he would definitely not serve ordinary sandwiches. With his background in construction and studies in food service, Mike daydreamed and schemed, and came up with a concept that was like no other. The Rammy’s Sub Contractors brainchild was to be a unique, construction-themed shop that served mouthwatering and unbelievably great food.

Mike opened the first store in 1998 and Rammy’s Sub Contractors customers lined up out the door, snaked across the parking lot, and waited on the curbs just to try our delicious, oven-baked sub sandwiches. Since then, loyal Sub Contractors fans have continued to come in droves.

Today, Rammy’s Sub Contractors is known for great food, friendly service, and a unique atmosphere. It is this winning combination that has given Rammy’s International, Inc. the foundation to successfully introduce Rammy’s Sub Contractors to even more markets through franchising. Having built a strong reputation over the years, Rammy’s International, Inc. is now ready to enlist the help of franchisees to expand Rammy’s Sub Contractors success while maintaining the strong reputation for which it is known.